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Posted by keayo on Sep 3, 2009 in Naija
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written by Victoria

Fade CreamEver wonder why every so often you will see a middle-aged Nigerian woman who has a face the skin color of Beyoncé, but hands resembling the color of Wesley Snipes? Well, fade cream is the answer. Many Nigerians idolize those of lighter complexion, often referred to as half casts. In every Nigerian food store, there is a section of cosmetics that is made up entirely of fade/bleach creams, lotions, and soaps. While the Anglos are paying big bucks to get tanned skin, Nigerians are paying big bucks to become “whiter” …ironic? What these Nigerian women fail to realize, however, is that they were also born with arms, legs, hands and feet that are surprisingly the same color as their face. So, just some advice for all you naija women (and feel free to pass this on), if you’re going to bleach, do so wisely. Buy an extra bottle or two and chemically damage the rest of your skin as well…hey, be fair (no pun intended).

Now I get one question for my bros, how u fit allow wifey to commot for house with this kine nonsense for skin?

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[These pictures have been photoshoped for comedic effect]

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