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Posted by keayo on Sep 15, 2009 in Naija
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When there isn't enough time to use your fingers, just poke out your lips to point.

When there isn't enough time to use your fingers, just poke out your lips to point.

People tend to point at things with their fingers, I mean, it only makes sense. However, Nigerians have created their own way of pointing. It is well known that many Nigerians have been blessed with full, plump lips. However, who would have thought that these pepper soup coolers could be used to POINT??? If you are Nigerian, you have probably witnessed your parents, aunties, uncles, etc. use their lips to point to something. That “something”, which they may refer to as “dis tin‘” is probably within their arms reach, but that’s another story.

Check out the accuracy...

Check out the accuracy... "pepper soup coolers"

A Nigerian father who wants a pen on the desk may turn his head towards the desk, say “get me dat dis tin,” and poke out his lips towards the pen. You think it would be simple enough to just say “get me the pen,” but Nigerians are efficient people. Why waste energy using your voice or silly fingers, when God has blessed our people with ample lips to do the job!

To naija people, definition of a noun na anything wey you fit point with your lips. With these big kine lips wey naija people get, we fit use am point any direction. We fit even use am point from dallas to houston.

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