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Posted by keayo on Oct 8, 2009 in Naija
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"Where's the REMOTE!!?!?!?!?!?!?"

"Where's the REMOTE!!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Last week we discussed Nigerian’s love of praise songs, but beware; if you visit a Nigerian church for the first time, you may mistake the Praise & Worship for an early morning yell session. It seems like Nigerians love singing these songs at the top of their lungs, heart, rib cage, throat, etc…. Please don’t let this frighten you, Nigerians love projecting their voices. If it’s not loud, it’s not Nigerian!!!! Open your ears to hear the sounds of Stuff Nigerian People Like.

Has it ever occurred to you that our parents, uncles, and aunts love to make sure their voices are higher than anyone else’s within a half mile radius? Well, this may become a problem when this turns into a competition. Nigerian’s know that who ever has the loudest argument must have the best argument, therefore; they win. Whether it’s speaking to your elementary school teacher, talking on the phone to a best friend, or singing praise songs in church…Nigerians take pride in having the loudest voice.



As a kid growing up in a Nigerian household, you may hear questions from Oyibo like, “Why is your dad yelling like that on the phone? Is he angry?”. You may even ask yourself “Why is daddy yelling on the phone as if this is a long distance call to Nigeria? He’s ordering Pizza!”

Keep in mind, the same people that love screaming are also the same ones that coined the phrase “Don’t shout on me!”



“My friend, no shout on me abeg. If you continue to raise your voice on me, you will no longer have voice to raise”

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